Kremlin doctor signals Putin is in good health

But Mironov said this was not the case. “From the medical point of view, Putin seems significantly younger than his age,” Mironov, the head of the presidential administration’s Chief Medical Directorate, told Itogi in the interview published on Monday. “(He) is rather skeptical when it comes to taking medicine, even if it is just common anti-cold pills,” he said. “He prefers folk remedies, tea with lemon, sauna and massage.” “Swimming, in my view, is his preferred way to recover and adapt to stressful situations,” he added. Russia has not dropped the Soviet tradition of treating the health of its leaders as little less than a state secret but Mironov said this was for medical reasons. “I see no reason to keep the leader’s health a secret but there’s medical ethics,” he said. The health of the president is a sensitive matter because the head of state is also commander in chief of the armed forces and in charge of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.
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Frequent users of marijuana, alcohol already know health risks, study shows


The study shows that “when you know a lot about the risks and everything about the substances, it doesn’t really bring you to consume less,” said study co-author Petra Dermota, a psychologist at the University of Zurich. “You even consume more.” Drug knowledge Scary images of smokers’ lungs or scarred livers are mainstays of anti-smoking and anti-alcohol campaigns. But research hadn’t shown that such health information actually reduced people’s drug usage. [ Trippy Tales: The History of 8 Hallucinogens ] To see whether health information dissuaded people from using drugs, Dermota and her colleagues surveyed 12,000 men around age 20 who were entering the Swiss Army. Because the Swiss have universal, mandatory military service, the sample represents a cross-section that is representative of the young Swiss male population, she said.
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Health care web poll: 45% think employers will cut hours to avoid paying for care

Eduardo Janairo. These trainers will target healthcare providers in their local government unitsthey will be the one to train and educate these health workers for them to be able to understand the needs and concern of deaf patients, said Janairo. The DOH-NCR has already trained staffs of government health facilities and other specialty hospitals in the capital. So far, a total of 52 personnel have been certified as basic sign-language interpreters. The trainings began late in 2012 in Metro Manila. The FSL workshop will be extended later to hospital personnel in the provinces.
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5 Point Digital Health Checkup

The fact that even one ICD or insulin pump can be hacked and then controlled remotelysuggests there is ample room for improvement in this one category alone. Accuracy: Lets take the single most common and well known digital healthcare device the digital thermometer. These have been around for decades; are in wide retail circulation and are relatively cheap. The trouble is . Medical research has not determined an exact correlation between oral, rectal, ear (tympanic), and armpit (axillary) temperature measurements. Plastic strip thermometers have some uses, but they are not recommended for general home use. WebMD April, 2011 A quick web sampling suggests this priority for temperature accuracy: rectal (#1), oral (#2), axillary (#3) and then tympanic (#4).
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Health workers train on sign language to be able to service deaf, mute better

Another 37 percent didn’t expect hours to be cut, 5 percent said maybe they would, and 13 percent voted, aI donat know, but I hope not.a The poll received 114 responses. Itas a pretty emotional issue for people on both sides of the issue. Many restaurant owners , in particular, say it will be a struggle to turn a profit with the added expense of health coverage. Keeping hours down could be an option for that industry. But providing insurance hasnat hurt Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas a business. The 2012 winner of the James Beard Foundationas Outstanding Restaurateur award has offered his employees health insurance since the earliest days of his business.
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