9 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Post-Pregnancy Bodies

Pregnancy in Horses: Helping Horses Come to Term

Staci Tanouye, an OBGYN with the Mayo Clinic. Many pregnant women report having the thickest, fullest hair of their lives for the same reason. After pregnancy, the cycle restarts, so “there can be quite a bit of hair loss,” Tanouye said. Many moms will get back to their normal thickness after a couple of months; others may end up with thinner hair indefinitely. But, silver lining! According to Rosser, the excess hair that also sprouts up on women’s faces and bodies during pregnancy (the result of increased androgen, the male hormone) also typically falls off after baby is born.
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The Stir

What are the health risks of being obese during pregnancy? Women who are obese (with a BMI over 30) when they become pregnant face an increased risk of complications such as diabetes, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, blood clots and death. Obese women are also more likely to have an induced or longer labour, post-delivery bleeding and slower wound healing after delivery. They also tend to be less mobile, which can result in a need for more pain-relieving drugs during labour.These can be difficult to administer in obese women, resulting in a greater need for general anaesthesia with its associated risks. For women who have gained weight between pregnancies, even a relatively small gain of 1-2 BMI units can increase the risk of high blood pressure or diabetes during their next pregnancy and may also increase the chance of giving birth to a large baby. What sort of diet does NICE recommend?
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Pregnancy Style: Expert Dressing Tips for When You’re Expecting—Watch Now!

But what makes some mares better than others at adapting their immune systems? There are indications from work in humans and mice that a particular class of immune cell, the so-called regulatory T cells or Tregs (pronounced “tea regs”), might somehow be important in maternal tolerance. Aurich and her colleagues have now developed a highly sensitive assay to measure the proportion of Tregs in the blood of horses. They used their new technique to investigate over 100 mares that were presented for artificial insemination, correlating the results with the outcome of the resulting pregnancies. Of course, not all of the animals conceived.
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New weight advice for pregnancy

] And not only is she experiencing pregnancy curves, but she’s also been suffering from the dreaded water retention. Frankie Sandford has revealed she finds it ‘awkward’ performing with The Saturdays now she’s pregnant. Copyright:Taking to Twitter, Frankie revealed that she’s been having reflexology to try and combat the symptoms. She said: “It’s amazing! The first time in months that I’ve had ankles and bones in my feet! Water retention is a b****!” However, Frankie, who’s expecting a boy, looked gorgeous as she stepped out in a grey jumper teamed with patterned baggy trousers today.
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Frankie Sandford admits pregnancy weight gain is ‘awkward’ as she goes without make-up AND ditches hair extensions

Both Lauren, 36,and Andrew Silverman, 37,released statements Thursdaythat focus on the well-being of their son Adamwhile they deal withthe media frenzy created from the news of the reported pregnancy. Get to Know Lauren Silverman What is confirmed through photos is Cowell, 53,and the Silvermans were friends in that they enjoyed Yachting trips to exotic localeslike St. Barths and St. Tropez. My top priority is protecting my 7-year-old son while working to resolve all outstanding issues with my wife, Andrew Silverman said in his statement. Lauren Silverman seconded the sentiment.
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Simon Cowell on Pregnancy Flap: ‘People’s Feelings Involved’

Luckily, Koch showed us some chic fashion finds with “maternity moxie” at Kidville , a popular children’s party and event planning spot in Brentwood, Calif. PHOTOS: Thoughtful push presents Prince William can give to Kate Middleton 1. Go Flowy: Maxi dresses are a pregnancy must: “They are the perfect marriage of comfort and style,” Koch said, showing a sleek charcoal-gray style from Hatch Maternity on the model. “You can see her decolletage but then it hugs her and flows gently out, concealing all bottom heaviness.” Koch accessorizes the look with an oversized neon pouch and cool laser cut Sole Society wedgesa color-block style that has enough of a platform to be comfortable.
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